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Easily find Tiny Houses and Partners to #gotiny with

All we have to do is imagine it, trust it and flip the switch.

All-In-One Platform to GoTiny House

We are an All in One Platform for Tiny Houses, which connects enthusiasts, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, with the mission to accelerate the reach of the tiny house movement, by transforming more project ideas into a reality.   

Tiny Houses for Sale

You may be here to research for your Tiny House, or just to get inspired, or admire beautiful crafting. 

Either way, we have for you a long list with Tiny Houses that are new, second-hand, available for pre-order, or pre-fabricated.

Pick what you love and drop a line to the seller.

Tiny Home Builders

Every single Builder of Tiny Houses is unique and with every tiny house model they came with, there is a different creative process.

This is why we love the Tiny Homes Builders. Art merges with the technic, and both inspire one another.

Successful Tiny Home Builders know how to craft houses for both your rational mind and your soul.

We are honored to have them on this platform.

Tiny Houses for Rent

While most people GoTiny to get rid of Rent, you may find it comfortable. Find here Tiny Houses that you can rent from Communities, Vacation Resorts, or Individuals.

A Tiny House looks soo creative and cozy, that you may want to spend the next vacation in one.

Or just rent to try and see if Tiny House Living is for you. 

Tiny Home Communities

One of the biggest problem for people who want to GoTiny House, is finding a place to stay.

The Tiny Home Communities seems to solve part of this problem. What is easier than parking in a lot with all the utilities you need and some great neighbors that share similar values with you?

Architectural Plans

Starting from scratch is not for everybody.

Why not finding something you already love or why not improving something that already exists?

By having an architectural plan, you can Do It Yourself or you can go with it at your local custom tiny home builder. 

Tiny Home Architects

While you may have a great vision in mind for your tiny house, the skills of an architect will make it a 3D reality.

Honestly, they may change your vision a bit, but chances are that will be for the better.

Tiny House Consultants

Hiring a consultant may be the best choiche to start with, because you don’t have to make all the small mistakes due to lack of knowledge or experience (as they did).

Compared with your investmant in building the house, consultancy will save you money and get your project done in the way you want it. 

GoTiny House #Forum

We’re helping each other to start tiny house projects. Learn from experienced people, and connect with others who are starting and growing their own project.